About this guide

Hello and welcome to the eUK MoFA guide. This guide isn’t like every guide. There is no tips to make more money, … it is mainly to help those who have interest in foreign Affairs.

Foreign Affairs interests a lot of people but it can be hard to have a global view about the e-world. Who is friend with who, …

Trust me or not, it isn’t so easy to write everything : Relations between 2 countries can be good and suddenly deteriorate.The opposite also is true. Also, MoFA is clearly less of a “normal” ministry role. You don’t have any docs to fill, no supplies to give out etc, …

Here, I will mainly talk about relation between UK and other countries. If you have a question about the relation between Poland or Turkey (just an example) : Feel free to contact me, I will answer you

Also before begin this “guide” : something needs to be clear


Our relationship with Canada isn’t good. The one with USA has some up and down but mainly down. Despite 1 year of peace, we are once again at war with Ireland,  Australia always been on the other side… Don’t try to make a link with the real world. There was no british empire in erepublik like the one in real world. It is an error that some young players can make and we do often need to clarify. We have no intention to be friends with these countries at present.

1x UK Prime minister – 6x UK MoFA – 3x UK MoD – 8x Cabinet advisor
3x TWO SoFA – 2x ONE dDIR

Thank to Thomas765 for most banners (mainly in TWO and ACT pages)


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